The Portal of Cultural Information records digitally and promotes on line the intellectual and artistic production of Cyprus, thus creating an invaluable tool for research and expert knowledge.

The Portal’s archive presents artists’ profile, their creative works as well as criticism and articles written on these works, and covers the areas of Visual Arts, Cinematography, Music, Writing and Performing Arts. The digitisation has started from the Visual Arts.

The Cultural Portal program is initiated by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture and is incorporated in the creation of a national network of cultural information and the promotion of the Cyprus Cultural Creation internationally.

The Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture, as the main body which supports and develops Cultural Production in Cyprus, have included in their plans the creation of the Cultural Portal of Cyprus, not only as a data-base hosting the national network of cultural information, but also as a communications hub for cooperation with the with European Platform Europeana for digitisation of the cultural heritage, as well as the Cultural Portals of all other countries of the E.U. The ultimate target is the gradual incorporation of all cultural information bodies of Cyprus, thus creating an appropriate network, able to present the Cyprus Culture around the world.

The primary guidelines for the creation of the Portal are the collection, elaboration and development, and finally the promotion of reliable information in all spheres of cultural creation.

The Portal is launched initially by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture, who provide the information and material from their own records on writers, musicians, visual and other artists.

In a subsequent step the Portal will be connected with other cultural information bodies which hold large volumes of culture information, from all geographical areas of Cyprus, thus creating a national network.