Daniel Gustav Cramer & Χάρις Επαμεινώνδα


κατηγορία: Ομαδική Έκθεση
άτομο: Χάρις Επαμεινώνδα

Pharos Center for Contemporary Art, Λευκωσία

'Epaminonda shows a series from her collages and a video, based on her personal archives of found imagery. This work has marked the beginning of an ongoing project where the artist collects and reassembles both found images and footage, thus the use of various forms of collage, video, books, etc in forming the work. Cramer will be showing photographic works from his ongoing work Trilogy (Woodland, Underwater, Mountain), a work which has, over the past four years, developed into an archive of images of the world bereft of any human presence.'
Pharos Center of Contemporary Art