Tribute to the Sea

Marlen Karletidou

147 x 300 cm

categories: mixed media, embroidery
characteristics: pencil, textile colour, fabric

"The artwork under the title "Tribute to the Sea", with written extracts from the homonymous text by the Greek poet K.G. Kariotakis and the postscript from his farewell letter of 1928, strives to illustrate a personal sea.
The cartography of the Mediterranean sea is converted into an intelligible space, to isolate the moment through the visual approach in order to emphasize the preciousness of each detail, as well as in the totality and collectiveness of the whole. The sea environment, its threatened species, the human presence, the historical and personal references coexist and organize the composition. Conscious memory is in a dialogue with the subconscious and exhilarates the imagination. Although the text by K.G. Kariotakis was written nearly a century ago, the messages are quite contemporary and advice to the desperate is given with the sense of humor.
In these difficult years for humanity, the sea is always there, vast and eternal, drawing the darkness into its depths and giving out optimism and hope in return.
The call for the art exhibition Mare Nostrum was the beginning for the creation of  "Tribute to the Sea". I found the color of my own sea in a blue greenish upholstery textile, which had been kept in my wardrobe for three years.
The textile became the surface of the sea. I chose transparent, fluid and bright textiles to color the sea and its environment, color pencils to accent the details, white pencil to write the text and threads to embroider the sunshine on the water. The artwork calls the spectator into a deep dive and into a quest for a personal catharsis."
Marlen Karletidou