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Bufferzone workshop, exhibited under the title Checkpoint
Argyro Toumazou
2013 • video / film, happening, installation, painting, mixed media, new media / e-media, performance, multimedia, photography, digital printing

The Apartman Project of Istanbul, Uqbar from Berlin and EMAA (European Mediterranean Art Association) from Nicosia, is an experimental workshop and a cultural collaboration project within cultural organizers and artists. Besides offering a mobile experience with the process, involving the dynamics of collective living and production, bufferzone aims to contemplate about the concepts of disunity and borders through their various layers.


Argyro Toumazou
2011 • video / film, installation, painting, soundpiece, construction, new media / e-media, photography, digital art

The project was initiated in 2010, based on Cypriot artist Vicky Pericleous’s idea for an artistic intervention at the Nicosia International Airport, subsequently submitted as a proposal to the UNDP by Özgül Ezgin and Argyro Toumazou parallel to the peace-negotiations process. Ezgin and Toumazou were providing art works for the conference room in which the peace talks were taking place since 2009. Yet, the airport project was an attempt to widen the art-based interventions to the process. Their aim was to experiment and produce presentations both for the conference rooms of the bi-communal peace talks, as well as site-specific interventions and panel discussions, open to the public. Following the initial state with the UN, two curators as Basak Senova and Pavlina Paraskevaidou have developed the proposal as a research-based art and media project, shaped through their fields of interest and previous areas of research and practice.