Two Four Two

Δημιουργική Ομάδα

κατηγορία: Ομάδα Τέχνης

"Over the period of the 20th century the boundaries of artistic genres were fluid and constantly changing. It is not rare in the contemporary art scene to find works that require a whole new platform to be placed upon. A platform, which can accommodate a hybrid of disciplines such as design, architecture, fashion or even literature.

The TWO|FOUR|TWO art group embarked on a voyage of collaboration under the umbrella of the group.
Deriving from different backgrounds; a visual artist and an architect - both parts explore their common experience to produce a visual base on which they can communicate, between themselves and with the viewers. The work itself does not pretend to be a traditionally accepted art form but it rather seeks a place in its own right. It was the creative displacement of both parts, which has leaded them to work as a group.

The TWO|FOUR|TWO art group was formed on 21 August 1996 in Nicosia, Cyprus by Costas Mantzalos and Constantinos Kounnis. It is an Art Group that lives and believes in Art, as an evolutionary institution, which changes in time and mutates with the passing of time, however, like democracy, remains a supreme power vested in the people and characterized by recognition of equality of opinions and voices."

Costas Mantzalos, Constantinos Kounnis