Glavkos Koumides


category: artist, painting, sculpture, installation, etching - printing, happening, author, poetry, essay
characteristics: acrylic, wood, metal

b.: 1950  •  gender: male

He was born in Nicosia. Since 1976 he lives and works in Germany, while he maintains an art-studio in Nicosia within the walls.

He studied architecture at the AA School of Architecture, London and psychology at the University of Cologne. He is a member of the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber.

Since the end of the '70s he is engaged in the visual arts and writing. His main visual arts media are painting and installations. His writings are governed by an intense critical approach to prevailing mentalities in the cultural world of Cyprus and they are published and circulated by the publishing house 'Pupuxios Editions, Nicosia-Cologne' which he founded himself.

From the late 70s he is professionally involved with fine arts and writing. His primary media are painting and installations. His art could be characterised as conceptual since his installations do not aim to be viewed as traditional works of art. Their intention is to communicate the artist’s speculations with regards to the sociopolitical and environmental state of his country. His writings are ruled by intensive criticism against the current attitudes toward the cultural bridgehead of Cyprus, and are distributed by “Aftoekdotiki Poupouxios, Nicosia-Cologne” Publications, founded by Koumides himself.

He has been presenting his work in numerous solo exhibitions since 1968 in Cyprus and abroad, mainly in Germany, and has participated in many group exhibitions in Cyprus, Greece, France, Italy, Cuba and China.

In 1999 he represented Cyprus in the 48th Venice Biennial with his work 'Iota Daseia'.